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7th International Seminar on organic Rankine power systems hosted by University of Seville, a SCARABEUS partner – Save the date!

The team led by David Sánchez, Professor of Energy Engineering at University of Seville, will organize the 7th International Seminar on Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems. This edition of the conference will be held from 4th to 6th of September in the beautiful city of Seville, and will gather the main players across the entire […]

New joint paper by Quantis, University of Seville, Abengoa, Baker-Hughes and Kelvion discusses the carbon footprint of the SCARABEUS concept

A large team from within the SCARABEUS consortium has been assessing the carbon footprint of Concentrated Solar Power plants using supercritical power cycles running on Carbon Dioxide mixtures, in comparison with state of the art power plants relying on steam turbines. This collective work has looked into the contributions of construction and operation to carbon […]

Presentations from the joint dissemination event organized by ETN Global now available

    The joint dissemination event organized by the CO2OLHEAT Project, coordinated by ETN Global, on September 22nd was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS. You can now download all presentations from the links below: E. Lecomte, Directorate General for Energy (European Commission): EU Energy Policy Developments. Download. A. Jäger, Technical University of Dresden: CARBOSOLA. Download. D. Benítez, […]

SCARABEUS present at the Solar Helix meeting in Madrid

The Dissemination Coordinator of SCARABEUS, Prof. David Sánchez from University of Seville, has been invited to join a clustering session organized by the ASTEP project: Application of Solar Thermal Energy to Processes . ASTEP is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission, under Grant Agreement Ni. 884411, and its main objective is […]

New paper by University of Seville presents the exergy analysis of different transcritical Carbon Dioxide cycles for CSP applications

  The SCARABEUS team at University of Seville has recently published an assessment of transcritical cycles running on different Carbon Dioxide mixtures in Concentrated Solar Power applications. This assessment makes use of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, rather than the 1st Law that is commonly used, with the aim to identify the room for further […]

A joint virtual dissemination event organized by CO2OLHEAT will be joined by SCARABEUS

The CO2OLHEAT Project coordinated by ETN Global aims to demonstrate (at TRL7) the operation of a 2 MW Waste-Heat-to-power (WH2P) skid based on a 2MW-sCO2 cycle, able to efficiently valorize local waste heat at a significant temperature of 400°C in the CEMEX cement manufacturing plant in Prachovice (CZ).   CO2OLHEAT has organized a joint virtual […]

A new joint paper between City, University of London (CUL) and Baker Hughes (BH) discussing the blade shape optimisation of the SCARABEUS turbine operating with sCO2-SO2 mixture

    City, University of London and Baker Hughes have been working on the turbomachinery design for the SCARABEUS project. A 130 MW axial turbine is designed to produce a net power output from the cycle of ~100 MWe. The design process starts by identifying the aerodynamic and mechanical design constraints based on industrial and academic […]

SCARABEUS present at the ASME Turbo Expo conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Turbo Expo conference gathers the leading professionals in power and propulsion technologies based on rotating equipment from around the world. The conference is organized by the International Gas Turbine Institute of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is held annually in either Europe or North America, with an attendance of over 2000 delegates […]