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The SCARABEUS team keeps growing at University of Seville

  The SCARABEUS team at University of Seville keeps growing. USE is very happy to welcome Pablo Rodríguez to support the optimization and integration tasks. Find some more information about him below and follow his activities through LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pablo-enrique-rodr%C3%ADguez-de-arriba-9088b91b7/       Pablo Rodríguez standing in front of a Ljungström turbine at the lab […]

Recuperator Model with design process using pure CO2

The SCARABEUS concept relies on a recuperative cycle using supercritical carbon dioxide as working fluid. Being supercritical and in order to achieve high efficiency, very high pressures and temperatures are involved and a recuperator becomes mandatory. This is a device which can improve the thermodynamic cycle efficiency by cooling the sCO2 after its expansion and […]

Researchers from City pass milestone on the route to PhD

Researchers from City pass milestone on the route to PhD   This week two researchers from the SCARABEUS research team at City, University of London, successfully completed their transfer from MPhil to PhD. This milestone, which has been completed just over a year since beginning at City, marks the successful transition from registration as a […]

New Open Access publication by University o Brescia and Politecnico di Milano provides information about characterisation of supercritical CO 2 blends

In the last Open Access paper published by UNIBS and POLIMI, a new methodology for the thermal stability test of CO2 blends have been developed and tested. The method proposed relies on the study of the thermodynamic behaviour of the working fluid from the variation of the van der Waals coefficients. The comparison of the […]

Two Open Access publications by partners of the SCARABEUS consortium just published in Applied Sciences’ special issue on Recent Advancement of Thermal Fluid Engineering in the Supercritical CO2 Power Cycle

This Special Issue is comprised of a selection of technical papers dealing with various aspects of supercritical Carbon Dioxide technology for power generation. The publication is published by MDPI, with Prof. Jeong Ik Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea) and Prof. David Sánchez (University of Seville, Spain) serving as Guest Editors. University […]

Hydraulic testing of heat exchangers tube completed at Kelvion

With a few weeks of delay due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the tubes used to determine the heat transfer coefficient to design the Air-Cooled Condenser have successfully undergone hydrostatic testing at KELVION. They will soon be installed in the test rig at TUW.

Watch out for the upcoming Call for Papers for the 4th European sCO2 conference in Prague (March 2021)

The 4th European sCO2 Conference in 2021 focusses on supercritical carbon dioxide for energy systems. Scientists and researchers from academia and industry as well as end users are kindly invited to share and discuss the latest outcomes from their sCO2 related projects. Moreover, this conference is the perfect place to establish new initiatives and cooperations […]

2 nd Progress Meeting completed successfully on April 22 nd and 23 rd

The 2nd Progress Meeting of SCARABEUS, hosted by University of Seville (Spain) and due to take place on April 22nd and 23rd, was held on-line on the same dates. Due to the limitations brought about by COVID-19, the meeting could not be developed face-to-face, as planned, but the commitment and hard work of all partners […]

7th International sCO2 Power Cycles Symposium rescheduled

7th International sCO2 Power Cycles Symposium rescheduled   Due to recent concerns about conference attendance and travel, the organizing committee has decided to reschedule the 7th International sCO2 Power Cycles Symposium. The conference will take place in the same venue on April 22nd-25th 2021.   Find out more information at the conference website.  

New Energy Update By ReutersEvents

Check out the new article published in New Energy Update, reporting the latest news about SCARABEUS.   On April 2nd 2020, New Energy Update published an article describing the main features of the SCARABEUS project. The article, by Kerry Chamberlain, makes emphasis on the differential features of SCARABEUS as compared with other projects in the […]