Watch out for the upcoming Call for Papers for the 4th European sCO2 conference in Prague (March 2021)

The 4th European sCO2 Conference in 2021 focusses on supercritical carbon dioxide for energy systems. Scientists and researchers from academia and industry as well as end users are kindly invited to share and discuss the latest outcomes from their sCO2 related projects. Moreover, this conference is the perfect place to establish new initiatives and cooperations amongst those who are active in this fascinating field of research.


Conference Topics:

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Turbomachines and Cycles
  • sCO2 Applications and Energy Systems
  • sCO2 Experiments and Loops
  • Fluid and Material Aspects


In case of any questions please contact

7th International sCO2 Power Cycles Symposium rescheduled

7th International sCO2 Power Cycles Symposium rescheduled


Due to recent concerns about conference attendance and travel, the organizing committee has decided to reschedule the 7th International sCO2 Power Cycles Symposium. The conference will take place in the same venue on April 22nd-25th 2021.


Find out more information at the conference website.


New Energy Update By ReutersEvents

Check out the new article published in New Energy Update, reporting the latest news about SCARABEUS.


On April 2nd 2020, New Energy Update published an article describing the main features of the SCARABEUS project. The article, by Kerry Chamberlain, makes emphasis on the differential features of SCARABEUS as compared with other projects in the supercritical CO2 space, and on how these can help shape the future of a fully renewable energy landscape.


Follow this link to the text.


Wide dissemination of SCARABEUS across the Italian media

Even if still in its initial phase, the impact of SCARABEUS on the Italian mass media is already noteworthy. A number of digital newspapers are already calling the attention of their readers to the unique features of the SCARABEUS technology, both environmentally and economically.

More information can be found on the corresponding websites. Follow the links below!

  • Un progetto per abbattere i costi del solare termodinamico, QualEnergia (link)
  • Energia, il solare termodinamico punta ad abbattere i costi, Alto Adige (link), Giornale Trentino (link), Giornale di Sicilia (link)
  • Energia da solare termodinamico a 96 €/MWh: l’obiettivo del Progetto SCARABEUS, Expoclima (link)
  • Con termodinamico costi elettricità giù del 30-40%, MomentoItalia (link), ADN Kronos (link)
  • Ridurre del 32% i costi di installazione delle centrali Solari termodinamiche: il progetto H2020 SCARABEUS, Casa & Clima (link)
  • Energia, un ciclo innovativo per abbattere costi del termodinamico, Yahoo (link), ASK News (link)
  • -30% con le miscele di CO2, Italia in prima fila, Agenzia Ansa (link)
  • Solare termodinamico economico, un obiettivo a portata di mano, NUTesla (link)