Laboratorio Energia e Ambiente Piacenza working on the socio-economic assessment of the technology

Laboratorio Energia e Ambiente Piacenza working on the socio-economic assessment of the technology



The team led by Marco Gabba at the Laboratorio Energia e Ambiente Piacenza is working on Task 5.5 of the project, focused on natural capital valuation and socio-economic assessment. To this end, Gabba’s team has set up a survey, with the objective to evaluate the advantages, costs and risks of a concentrating solar plant using a CO2-based mixture as working fluid starting from the assessments of experts / technicians in the sector, through a series of structured questions with quantitative parameters.


This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in contributing to and influencing the development of new generation Concentrated Solar Plants. Answering the survey takes less than ten minutes and the data collected are strictly technical, not including any personal information.

If you would like to provide your input, follow this link:


Thank you very much for your input!!!

Presentations from the joint dissemination event organized by ETN Global now available



The joint dissemination event organized by the CO2OLHEAT Project, coordinated by ETN Global, on September 22nd was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS. You can now download all presentations from the links below:

  • E. Lecomte, Directorate General for Energy (European Commission): EU Energy Policy Developments. Download.
  • A. Jäger, Technical University of Dresden: CARBOSOLA. Download.
  • D. Benítez, German Aerospace Center (DLR): Components’ and Materials’ Performance for Advanced Solar Supercritical CO2 Powerplants – COMPASsCO2. Download.
  • D. Sánchez, University of Seville: Supercritical CARbon dioxide/Alternative fluids Blends for Efficiency Upgrade of Solar power plants – SCARABEUS. Download.
  • G. Manzolini, Politecnico di Milano: DEmonstration of concentrated SOLar power coupled wIth advaNced desAlinaTion system in the gulf regION – DESOLINATION. Download.
  • R. Guedez, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH): SOLAR based sCO2 Operating Low-cost plants – SOLARSCO2OL. Download.
  • R. Vijgen, European Turbine Network: Supercritical CO2 power cycles demonstration in Operational environment Locally valorising industrial Waste Heat – CO2OLHEAT. Download.
  • O. Frybort, Research Center Rez, Husinec (CVR): Development of innovative systems for efficient energy storage – sCO2-Efekt. Download.
  • A. Cagnac, Electricity of France (EDF): Innovative sCO2-based heat removal technology for an increased level of safety of nuclear power plants. Download.


Thank you again CO2OLHEAT for this excellent initiative. Looking forward to the next session












SCARABEUS present at the Solar Helix meeting in Madrid

The Dissemination Coordinator of SCARABEUS, Prof. David Sánchez from University of Seville, has been invited to join a clustering session organized by the ASTEP project: Application of Solar Thermal Energy to Processes . ASTEP is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission, under Grant Agreement Ni. 884411, and its main objective is to successfully demonstrate the viability of applying solar thermal energy to partially cover heating, and heating and cooling demands on two different relevant industrial demo sites located on two different climate regions, and to further develop the implementation of solar thermal energy in industrial processes up to 400 ºC. More information about this project, coordinated by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia – UNED (Spain), is available on their website:


With the aim to explore opportunities for joint dissemination and exploitation in the future, the clustering activity held on October 20th is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the portfolio of collaborative projects investigating how solar energy can be integrated into thermal process for the industry and to generate electric power.


Agenda of the meeting. Clustering activity scheduled at 15.00 – 16.30