Webinar Series on Modelling and Simulation of Supercritical CO2 CSP Plants

The SCARABEUS consortium is happy to announce its Webinar Series covering the fundamentals of Concentrated Solar Power plant modelling and simulation. Whether you are a researcher reviewing a specific field of science or a professional engineer assessing new technologies, your need to estimate the performance of innovative technologies relies on the accuracy and appropriateness of the tools used. This series of webinars is aimed at, precisely, providing attendees with a good overview and understanding of the tools available to simulate the performance of complex CSP plants in order to help them become started in power plant analysis or even select the methodology that fits in best with their objectives.

The webinars, delivered by the consortium partners specialising in each area, will be comprised of a 45 minutes introduction to each specific topic followed by 15 minutes Q&A. Since the events are live, the attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and dive into their particular interest.

The webinars series is aimed primarily at graduate students who are currently completing an MSc degree or who find themselves in the first year of a PhD. Attendance requires registration through the website of the SCARABEUS project, specifically for each webinar (i.e., one cannot register for the entire series). Additionally, in order to enable a lively discussion in the Q&A session, the total number of participants will be limited to 30 people.

For further information, please contact the Dissemination Coordinator of SCARABEUS:

David Sánchez

Department of Energy Engineering

University of Seville, Spain

Email: ds@us.es

Telephone: +34 954 486 488

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Click on the webinar of your interest to go to the registration site. Note that, at this stage, only registration for webinars in 2020 is possible.