The fourth episode of the webinar series on R& Activities on sCO2 in Europe organized by ETN will take place on Monday, June 12th

A new episode of the webinar series on supercritical Carbon Dioxide technology is here. After Episode 1 -introduction to ongoing sCO2 projects in Europe-, Episode 2 -sCO2 compressor challenges- and Episode 3 -recuperative heat exchangers for sCO2 power systems-, Episode 4 will focus on the so-called primary heat exchanger.


Unlike turbomachinery and recuperators, primary heat exchangers are application-specific. This means that their design and specific challenges are tightly linked to the environment they will be used in: Waste Heat Recovery, Concentrated Solar Power… An excellent portfolio of speakers comprised of Panagiotis Drosatos (Centre for Research & Technology Hellas -CERTH), Maxime Rouzès (John Cockerill) and Damien Serret(TEMISTh) will guide us through different their experience in designing actual equipment, the specifications of the corresponding users and the challenges posed by the demanding operating conditions.


Attendance to the event is free but registration on Eventbrite is necessary: LINK. Download the flyer of the event here: DOWNLOAD


The CO2OLHEAT Project, coordinated by ETN Global, aims to demonstrate (at TRL7) the operation of a 2 MW Waste-Heat-to-power (WH2P) skid based on a 2MW-sCO2 cycle, able to efficiently valorize local waste heat at a significant temperature of 400°C in a heavy industrial facility.


ETN Global initiated, in September 2022, a series of webinars aimed at providing a forum where the R&D activities in the area of supercritical Carbon Dioxide technologies can be disseminated and made known to a wider audience. This initative has been joined by seven international and national projects, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (CO2OLHEAT, COMPASsCO2, SCARABEUS, DESOLINATION, SOLARSCO2OL, sCO2-4-NPP) and by national R&D programmes in Germany (CARBOSOLA) and the Czech Republic (sCO2-Efekt).


The first webinar, held on September 22nd, aimed to introduce these projects in a single session, providing the main features of the project from technical and administrative standpoints. Opportunities for collaboration between projects and with stakeholders were also highlighted. Presentations can be downloaded from the SCARABEUS website: Link.


The second webinar took place on December 5th and presented a focus session discussing the fundamental and technical challenges posed for the design and operation of compressors in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide power systems. Three outstanding speakers covered these aspects; the session turned out very well and the feedback was very positive. Presentations can be downloaded from the SCARABEUS website: Link.


The next event will take place on March 6th, 16.00 – 17.00 CET. It will focus on heat exchanger technology, since heat exchangers are core equipment of sCO2 systems with an expectedly strong impact on Capital Costs and performance. Follow this link to registration: Link