Presentations of the second webinar on R& Activities on sCO2 in Europe already available

As already published on this website, the CO2OLHEAT Project coordinated by ETN Global is organizing, since September 2022, a series of webinars aimed at providing a forum where the R&D activities in the area of supercritical Carbon Dioxide technologies can be disseminated and made known to a wider audience. This initative has been joined by seven international and national projects, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (CO2OLHEAT, COMPASsCO2, SCARABEUS, DESOLINATION, SOLARSCO2OL, sCO2-4-NPP) and by national R&D programmes in Germany (CARBOSOLA) and the Czech Republic (sCO2-Efekt).


The second webinar, held on December 5th, gathered a very large number of people interested in understanding the fundamentals of sCO2 compressor design and operation as well as the technical challenges that remain hindering the commercial deployment of sCO2 power cycles. Click here to download the presentations in a single file and get ready for the third webinar in Q3 2023: Component Challenge – Compressors.