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Wide dissemination of SCARABEUS across the Italian media

Even if still in its initial phase, the impact of SCARABEUS on the Italian mass media is already noteworthy. A number of digital newspapers are already calling the attention of their readers to the unique features of the SCARABEUS technology, both environmentally and economically. More information can be found on the corresponding websites. Follow the […]

1st Progress Meeting held at University of Brescia, Italy

The 1st Progress Meeting of the SCARABEUS project was held on the 16th and 17th of October at the University of Brescia, Italy. In a wonderful academic environment, it was confirmed that SCARABEUS has started and warmed up successfully, and it is currently running at a very good pace. All the milestones and deliverables have […]

Proceedings of the 3rd European sCO2 conference held in Paris already available

The presentations delivered at the 3rd European sCO2 conference in Paris last month (September) are now available at the conference website (link). Please follow this link to retrieve the presentation of the SCARABEUS project or else visit the repository at the conference website and find your way to presentation id. 141. The presentation can also […]