SCARABEUS research team at City, University of London fully assembled



This month the latest and final member of the SCARABEUS research team at City joined the group and began his PhD.


In total, the research team at City comprises of Prof Abdulnaser Sayma (Principal investigator at City), Dr Martin White (Co-investigator), Dr Mahmoud Khader (Research Associate) and three PhD students, Mr Omar Aqel, Ms Salma Salah and Mr Abdel-Rahman Abdeldayem.


City are leaders of work package 3 (Turbomachinery) and are working with the industrial partner Exergy to deliver the design of the turbomachinery components for the SCARABEUS plant.


The latest recruit will join the two PhD students who were recruited in the second half of 2019 and are already in the early stages of their research. The three PhD students will be conducting research into important aspects related to turbomachinery design for supercritical power cycles operating with CO2-blends.


Mr Omar Aqel will be exploring optimal cycle configurations for supercritical power cycles operating with CO2-blends, including the integration of turbomachinery design methods with cycle simulation and optimisation to enable the simultaneous optimisation of cycle layout, operating conditions and turbine design.


Ms Salma Salah will be investigating design and optimisation methods for multi-stage axial turbines for large-scale supercritical power cycles, and their application to the SCARABEUS plant, focussing on mean-line design and 3D shape optimisation methods.


Mr Abdel-Rahman Abdeldayem will be investigating loss mechanisms within multi-stage axial turbines for large-scale supercritical power cycles, and characterising the effects of the fluid blend on turbomachinery performance.


From left to right: Ms Salma Salah, Mr Omar Aqel, Prof Abdulnaser Sayma, Dr Martin White, Mr Abdel-Rahman Abdeldayem