Presentations of ETN’s 5th episode of the webinar series on R& Activities on sCO2 in Europe already available

We are very glad to announce that the presentations of the 5th webinar on R&D Activities on sCO2 Activities in Europe are now available for download.


Organised by ETN Global, coordinator of the CO2OLHEAT Project, this last event was focused on expander technology. Expanders pose the twofold challenge of achieving high efficiency and contain extreme pressures and temperatures, whilst also requiring new sealing technology that is different from that used in steam and gas turbines. These topics were covered in three very interesting, complementary talks by industry representatives:

  • Which boundary conditions for CO2turbines?, Alberto Traverso (University of Genoa
  • Expander stage of an sCO2Companderfor 2 MW output power, Markus Sauerborn (Atlas Copco)
  • Benefits and design challenges of axial sCO2turbines, Stefan Glos (Siemens Energy)
  • Baker Hughes Design Experience with unfired Expanders, Andrea Paggini (Baker Hughes)


Follow this link to get your copy of the presentations and video: Link