Quantis just completed the first phase of Life Cycle Assessment. Know a little bit about this crucial aspect of power plant assessment

Quantis is leading the environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) assessment to evaluate the innovative SCARABEUS technology for CSP application with the objectives to (i) inform the key environmental performance indicator of the SCARABEUS technology development; (ii) to guide the development of the technology towards a more sustainable solution; (iii) to benchmark the SCARABEUS technology against alternative conventional and state of the art technologies.


LCA is a structured, comprehensive, and internationally standardized method. It quantifies all relevant emissions and resources consumed and the related environmental and health impacts and resource depletion issues that are associated with any goods or services (“products”). Life Cycle Assessment takes into account a product’s full life cycle: from the extraction of resources, through production, use, and recycling, up to the disposal of remaining waste.


                                                                 Figure 1: Workflow of Life Cycle Assessment.


Critically, the LCA approach help to avoid resolving one environmental problem while creating other unwanted “shifting of burdens”. LCA helps to prevent, for example, increasing land use or acid rain while reducing greenhouse gases, or increasing emissions in one country while reducing them in another. Life Cycle Assessment is a vital decision support tool to help effectively and efficiently make consumption and production more sustainable.


Find out more on Quantis’ website: https://quantis-intl.com/research/scarabeus/